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What Makes the Best Website Content?

The best website content MUST be comprised of useful, credible, friendly and original material. These four components, when combined, can help bring your website the traffic you need.

Customers want content that teaches them something new, answers a question and/or helps them make a buying decision. By being useful, you are building trust and goodwill, both of which influence whether people will buy from you.

Your customers want credible information – content they can trust. You will become credible by continually producing useful and original content. In the meantime, use your “About Us” page to establish initial credibility. That page is extremely vital for prospective clients who are interested in your business but want to know a little more about your history and what credibility you have earned in the industry you’re in. The proper balance of content on this page will either make the prospective client turn into a customer or make the individual turn back and click on another website from the search engine results.

Even if a topic is covered elsewhere, if it is relevant to your customers, create some sort of original content about it. This makes your site a one stop source of information Рand a great way to drive continual traffic. To help make a topic more original, give your own unique insights and thoughts on it. Share your opinions and express your concerns/thoughts on the matter. Discuss and review other posts on the topic (also known as content curation).

Lastly, your content must be friendly – to both people and search engines. Writing in a “forced” way just to please search engines is outdated and boring. Search engine companies work hard so that their engines judge content the same way that people do. Therefore, create content for people – not technology – and keep in mind SEO basics such as keywords, titles and descriptions.

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