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4 Tips To Help You Create A Professional and Polished LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the most popular online professional networking platform today. It has more than 200 million registered users worldwide. LinkedIn allows you the option to showcase your professionally written resume by MYiNK Services and allow administrative professionals in the field you are interested in take a look and connect with you almost immediately – for free! To begin, you first need to sign up for a LinkedIn account and then create a polished profile. Here are a few tips from the professionals at MYiNK Services to help you create and maintain a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Profile Picture: It is crucial for your profile picture to be as professional as possible. We recommend a head-shot which will automatically showcase you as a professional to those searching. You want to stay as far away as possible from any selfies and family vacation pictures where you can’t be seen up close. You have to remember that with LinkedIn, you have to maintain a professional and polished look – personal social media along with selfies should be on FaceBook and Instagram only. This doesn’t mean your profile has to be boring, you can have several elements on LinkedIn reflect who you are – we’ll show you how in the next few points.
  2. Professional Experience and Education: You shouldn’t write out your entire resume word for word – write about your current and previous positions and include a few bullet points for each experience. Some LinkedIn users drown their profile with twenty bullet points of their job experiences and it automatically takes away from the balance a professional profile should possess. Once you’re done with that part, write about your educational background and any certificates/licensure you possess.
  3. Stand Out! – Employers want to see your overall qualifications for a position – make sure to write about any awards you have received, any volunteer work you were part of during your free time. This is your platform to shine! So don’t hesitate to write about the different activities that interest you and so on. As corporate and professional a LinkedIn profile should be, it doesn’t mean you have to be boring. As long as your profile’s foundation is set – you can browse through the add-on options and make it a little personal. Don’t hesitate to add your personal interests! You want to come across as a human being – not as a professional robot who has listed everything a potential employer wants to see.
  4. Endorsements Are Crucial: If you stated you have strong customer service skills, Quickbooks knowledge and are a team player, etc… You want those that know you – to endorse you. Having your list of skills endorsed not only establishes your credibility but also allows you to see what truly are your strong suits.

Sign up for a LinkedIn account and join the largest professional network out there. You want to establish a professional presence online and have your accomplishments recognized and land the position you’ve been eyeing.

If you have any issues creating a LinkedIn Profile or don’t even know how to write a professional profile, have no fear – the professionals at MYiNK are here! Our Personal Brand Development Package is our elite package which includes a general cover letter, resume revision, complimentary consultation, interview tips and techniques, a professional headshot in a photography studio and a professionally written LinkedIn profile.

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