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Online Marketing is Taking Lead: Digital Marketing Expectations For 2016

By 2016, mobile advertising spend will surpass both social media and email advertising. Brands realize the growth of mobile and want to capitalize on potential customers who may be making purchasing decisions on the go. Think about the millions of Americans with cell-phones in their hands 24/7. They stay current on trends, pay their bills, make purchases, book trips and restaurant reservations with a click of a button. If your company does not have a mobile friendly site, you are potentially losing out on extra traffic converting to $$ every single day.

Search advertising market share will fail by 2016. Although search ads will remain the largest segment of online advertising (hitting $33 billion), it’s share of online ads will fall from 55 to 43%.

Display ads offer more image-oriented messaging than direct-response search advertising. By 2016, display advertising spend is expected to reach $28 billion and 37 % market share. Even when you post on social media, you receive more exposure to a post when it is attached to an image. Consumers are drawn first to an image, then they read. However, your content should be the reason why they ended up on your landing page to begin with.

E-mail marketing will account for the smallest market share of online ad spend in 2016 with just 3%. E-mail marketing is very important for businesses because it’s a cost effective way to constantly keep in touch with those that are interested in your services. They came to you and will most likely return or refer a friend – but they may not remember the number or address. A smart monthly campaign can allow you to keep in touch with customers, alert them of promotional offers and your holiday specials. An e-mail list in today’s day and age is priceless.

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**Numbers according to Forbes.com. ***