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Content Marketing 101

The ever-expanding digital landscape is continuing to alter consumers’ behaviors and disrupt a broad range of industries. As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure you keep up with all of these changes. You may want to develop a relationship with clients by saving their e-mails for a campaign, writing blogs for your website to establish credibility in your industry and so on. But what if you don’t know how to write well or even the basics of content marketing? What if you don’t know if your website is optimized well enough for you to pop up on search engines?  (It’s not your job to know either!) Luckily, you’ll turn to us at MYiNK and we’ll explain each step thoroughly. Here’s an overview:

By definition, search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of improving a website’s organic ranking in search engines. You shouldn’t care about rankings, you should care about revenue. And Digital Marketing is much more than just ranking.

SEO is just one small part of the puzzle because you have to convert that traffic – and conversion optimization requires the ability to split test (which requires a working knowledge of web design and copywriting). The difference between a poorly optimized website and an optimized one could be 2-3x your revenue. That’s why multi-million dollar companies constantly split test even the smallest things –  like the color of a button, or the placement of text, or where users are clicking on their website. Even if you’re a local business and each new client brings in about $1,500 in revenue. If your website attracts 1,000 visitors, a 3% increase in your conversion rate means 30 new clients or $45,000 in revenue.

What about content creation?

Copywriting is crucial! When writing content, always tailor your message as though you’re having a conversation with just one person – your ideal target market. You will then begin to see how your engagement changes. If you find it difficult to always come up with categories or content to write about, plan out your year of blog content in an editorial calendar. In doing so, you will save time in the future from coming up with ideas and this will allow you to tailor your emails, offers, social media and product launches accordingly.

You can obtain an audience that is genuinely interested in your products and/or services by consistently focusing on these 3 points:

1) Who? – Who is your audience? 2) Why? – Why do they need your products and services? 3) What? – What other products and services can you create for them?

No matter what, you must focus on all 7 crucial aspects of digital marketing in order to obtain results.

1) SEO 2) Conversion Optimization 3) Web Design 4) Copywriting 5) Social Media 6) Analytics 7) Advertising

For optimal results and engagement, these seven factors must work together – consistently. Although you may be anxious to see results overnight, please remember one of our favorite quotes, “Slow and steady wins the SEO race.”

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