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You Don’t Have An E-mail List For Your Business?

Business owners are wondering why they are unable to have repeat clients, why they can’t keep in touch with existing clients, and why no one knows about the new product they just launched. The problem is not having an e-mail list!

An e-mail list of your clients is extremely vital in today’s market. An e-mail campaign allows you to keep in touch with clients, promote your new services, and send out promotions during the holiday season. Possessing an e-mail list is priceless. Not only does it have a high conversion rate, but as you build up your list, you can continually monetize it by pitching multiple products. Think of Amazon. What’s the one way they get millions of customers to continually buy more products from them? By e-mailing them offers on a regular basis!

Some people think that by posting on different social media websites, they are promoting their business and their services. The problem with that is – it’s very easy to scroll down and ignore a post, but when you receive an e-mail, whether you want to or not, you will acknowledge the e-mail and read it before you delete it!

If you don’t currently have an e-mail list, don’t worry. You can begin to go through your e-mails (outbox/inbox) and save the existing ones in an Excel Spreadsheet or on a document file. In your store you can begin with showcasing a printed paper with your company logo, on a clipboard perhaps, asking for a name and e-mail. Place it by the register or somewhere easy for the eye to see. Mention the new direction you are heading towards to your employees. Make sure they are requesting the emails from each client after any transactions. After you have that routine set in the store, you have to get in touch with your website manager. Tell him/her to create a subscription box on your website. It must be user-friendly and on a page easy to spot. Location is key. You can even offer a limited promotion with every subscription. People usually subscribe when they can get something out of it – usually a percent off their purchase or a coupon to use in-store.  As soon as that list builds up, you are ready for your first e-mail campaign.

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