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The Importance Of A Cover Letter

Many clients often come into our office wondering what the importance of a cover letter is. They have definitely heard about it but are not quite sure why they need one or even what it is supposed to look like.

Cover letters are an introduction to who you are. It is a document (formatted like a professional letter) that is submitted with a resume and a job application which explains your credentials and interest in the open position. Within the body of the cover letter, we highlight your strengths and in essence explain what the employer will most likely see on the next page of your application – your resume. A professional resume uses a specific language and key words which are not necessarily written in full sentences like in a cover letter. At MYiNK, our cover letters are a blueprint for employers to get a good enough idea to who you are, to want to turn the page and read your resume and call you for an interview. Our cover letters are enticing, bold, and truly capture your strengths and capabilities within 3-4 paragraphs. We take the time to meet with our clients in order for each cover letter and resume to stand out and highlight everything they have achieved in their career.

Possessing a strong cover letter and resume allows you an opportunity to showcase your strengths, accomplishments and credentials – the only other step that remains is to secure an interview and you’re one step closer to that new position you’ve been praying for.

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