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Is Your Website Helping or Harming Your Business?

A website gives your business an online presence. These days, a professional and functioning website is crucial to every business owner. However, the way a website is both written and designed can either help your business grow or definitely harm the way your business is portrayed to the online world.

People form instant opinions with a click of a button. If your website does not possess key elements and use-friendly features, within a few seconds a potential customer will click the backspace button and search for someone else. Your website has to reflect your brand, logo, theme, services, expertise, etc… You have to make people feel as though they have entered a different world – your online world – and be so interested in your services that they pick up the phone and head your way. Your online presence and your actual business (storefront, office, company, etc…) have to work together. Just like you replenish your store’s visual merchandise, you have to constantly replenish your online content.

Potential clients are supposed to read your website pages to gain an interest. In reality, your content is so poorly written, that they begin to realize your mistakes and imperfections convey carelessness in your work. As a business, you must prevent mistakes from blemishing your company’s overall impression.A paragraph or page that is full of errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation is difficult to read and undermines the credibility and authority you have worked hard to achieve for your business. Your reputation suffers if your website, e-mails, letters and other documents are poorly written and possess typos and grammatical errors. In addition to being a necessity, editing and proofreading can have a positive business impact. It can help increase your credibility, improve customer loyalty and even help increase sales and revenues. Any customer will question your credibility, and with good reason, if they see a poorly written and executed website. Even if you have twenty years of solid experience, your poorly executed website presents your business as a rookie in the game.

If you look professional (design), sound professional (original content), and establish your company’s credibility (History/About Us), people will have all the more reason to want to work with you and choose your services over your competitor.

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