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4 Tips to Enhance Your Product Description SEO

If you are building your online/e-commerce store, here are 4 tips to help you enhance each product description’s search engine optimization:

1) Length: The length of your descriptions have to be short and sweet – enough to inform the client of the product and enticing enough to want them to purchase the item(s). This will benefit both your users and search engine spiders.

2) Original Content:  Writing enticing and original product descriptions for  your e-commerce business can definitely increase sales. Additionally, possessing original product descriptions on your website can help you avoid Google’s “Farmer algorithm” penalty – which affects retailers that copy and paste product descriptions from their competitors.

3) Order of Word Appearance: Place the broadest term you want to rank first in the product title. For example – Tiffany & Co 925 Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet.

4) Searching by Solution: People are visiting your website seeking the right solution – if they are ending up on a page that is user-friendly and possesses enticing content, they won’t hit the ‘back’ button and continue their search on Google. But rather, they will begin on your page as a visitor and end up as a customer – showing Google your rank is properly placed and lessening potential clients to turn around and search elsewhere.

Collectively, these tips will allow your product detail pages to be seen as relevant not only to search engine spiders, but to your website visitors. Entice them with your knowledge of your products through your descriptions – show your uniqueness with your quality and they’ll realize you’re better than the competitor. Copying and pasting other’s descriptions will only enhance their credibility and not broadcast your overall knowledge in your industry.