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10 Questions To Expect At Your Next Job Interview

Most of our clients haven’t been to an interview in years and get anxious just at the thought of one. We always re-assure our clients to have no fear, gather their thoughts and boost their confidence by giving them a list of questions to expect at a job interview.

Of course this isn’t a script that all of your potential employers will have on hand when interviewing you, however there are definitely certain questions you most definitely won’t be able to avoid at a job interview. Most of the time, people get nervous because they don’t know what questions may be asked or what to even expect. Other times, people aren’t confident in answering questions about themselves within seconds of being asked a question – knowing a potential job is on the line. Here are 10 questions to expect at your next job interview. Feel free to write down the list and master answering each with confidence. Even if the questions won’t be exactly the same, you’ll have a better idea how to answer them. Make sure not to repeat exactly what is written on your resume because your resume is for the employer to look at and formulate questions from – refer to the resume but don’t read off of it!

Question 1) What attracted you to our company? Use this question to show off your knowledge about the company. Do your homework by gathering vital information about the company. How many locations do they have? What’s their main export? What stood out most about the company that you can discuss?

Question 2) Can you tell me a little about yourself? Don’t start talking about your favorite sports team. This question is a platform for you to introduce your professional career and kickstart the conversation about yourself.  Engage in conversation and don’t hesitate to answer confidently.

Question 3) What were your responsibilities at your previous job? Don’t read off of your resume bullet point list. Explain how your actions and daily tasks positively affected the company. If you have statistics, point them on out to show the interviewer your work has true impact.

Question 4) What are your greatest strengths? Make sure that what you highlight relates directly back to the skills the company listed they are looking for. Knowing what they are looking for in a candidate can help you better prepare your answers.

Question 5) What would you say is your weakness? Talk about a weakness that you are working on making better. Everybody has a weaknesses – stating it and showing you are working on perfecting it to become a strength will definitely work in your favor at the interview.

Question 6) What motivates you on the job? If it’s loving what you do – then say so. If it’s your desire to be successful, or any other examples, you need to show that. Never mention money as your motivation to success, even though it may be true.

Question 7) Do you work better alone or on a team? Don’t just say team knowing they are expecting a team player. Showing strong examples of both shows you’re good at knowing when to work alone and with a team.

Question 8) How do you handle stress on the job? Give an example(s) that demonstrate how you remain calm during very stressful situations. Showing you are able to think clearly even when stressed or angry is always a plus to the employer.

Question 9) Why are you leaving your previous job? Be respectful of your boss and company. You can just say you feel it’s time for a new challenge in the field. You can explain it professionally – short and to the point. Don’t start rambling about all of the negative aspects of your current job.

Question 10) What is your expected salary? You can try to explain that you don’t have an exact number in mind – however it ranges from figure a to figure b. Or you can do your research on the position you are being interviewed about and see what the average annual salary is for that position in your state, city, etc…

If you have any questions for the employer, ask! Make sure not to ask anything you had in mind until the end of the interview because it may have gotten answered throughout the process. If a question arises during any of the above questions, then feel free to ask before you forget the question.

This list should give you a better idea as to what to expect at a job interview. Know the answers well enough to be able to answer them confidently and acquire that position!

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